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Today is a day that has been remembered for reasons that needs no explanation. Today is a day that has stories that could be told for longer than time itself. Today is a day that represents a time in our history when man was not afraid to confront evil with the power of the truth and the power of good. To all that sacrificed and made the heroic journey, I pause and reflect on what it means to me. I thank those that have given of themselves in defense of Liberty.

As I reflect on the heroism, fear and magnificence of the day we call D-Day, I have learned of another landing that is taking place today as well. Although this landing, while it involves Marines, also involves a much more undefined and unsupportable objective. How have we gone from D-DAY to today ? http://www.debka.com/article/23019/Large-US-Marine-force-lands-in-Aqaba-to-deploy-on-Jordanian-Syrian-border

Jordan%20mapThe players in this affair are as follows. Turkey, Syria, AL Qaeda, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel and Russia. Oh yeah and the Untied States of America. I will let you figure out who is on what side and what the potential for real conflict might be.

I bring this up to highlight a larger problem. We have forgotten the difference between right and wrong. We have forgotten the difference in honorable and self-serving. This Syrian conflict is just a symptom of a greater issue. That issue is the military industrial complex and the loss of understanding among Americans as to what it takes to secure their rights and liberty.

It seems too many have taken an attitude that their rights will always be there. That no one will infringe upon them. They have taken an attitude that if the NSA wants to see my phone records “So what, I have nothing to hide”. “If the Marines are in Syria it must be in our interest.”

When do we again stand as a nation, lock arms and declare that we are on the side of what is right? How much more do we have to endure before we stand Untied and beat back the self serving interests that have no reasonable expectation of preserving our Liberty? When do we once again return to a people capable of planning, implementing and deploying another D-DAY?

I will tell you when. We will do so when we can recognize that there is a need for it. As a people we have allowed ourselves to be led and we have followed into complacency and darkness. It is time to stop walking for a while. It is time to close our eyes and listen. It is time to reach and feel into the darkness for others. It is time to think. It is time to decide each and everyone of us whether we will continue to walk in the direction we are heading or if we will find those of like mind, spirit and understanding and walk in another direction and no longer comply.

I have stopped. I have reversed course and can see light again. I can once again recognize right from wrong. No longer do I allow excusable and negotiable to define who I am. I will stand for right. I will stand with you if you stand for the truth. We must soon unite. We must soon come together and profess to the world and the complacent that we will no longer allow our God given rights to be trampled. We must return to the mind and moral compass of that day of which we honor and remember today. D-DAY

~ Eric D. Miller – 2013