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I have been holding off on this post for about a month now. The motivation for this post was humor at first but as time has progressed it is no longer funny.

A good friend of mine recently had his DNA chain analyzed by ancestory.com to identify the blood lines that make up his heritage. Right down to the region.

He has a large European and Caucus area blood line. He has an 11% Jewish line, 2% Arabic line and a 1% African America Line.

Actually the line is American more than African and is centered on the Alabama and Georgia area. Black American Descent.

Well, he found it humorous. And when he introduced the facts to me he joked that now he could use the “N” word. (I can’t say it yet because I have not had my DNA checked)

It made for a good laugh. However, it sat on my mind for quite a long time. I thought, wow, does having a blood line give you the afforded privilege of that blood line? I mean, I am always being told that I should feel guilty because I am White and have a certain privilege others don’t. Still, not sure what that privilege is but I am sure I must have it because after all I am White, right?

So, then comes the story of the woman who is a local NAACP President who is really White and says she is Black. The whole idea that a person can think they are Black when they are White or Male when Female, or Gay when Straight or whatever is insane. Or is it?

Is my friend now able to say he is a Jew? Is 11% enough? The President is a mixed race and claims to be Black. Could he claim to be White too? At what point does a person have the reasonable ability to declare themselves something other than what they are known as?

Does 1% Black blood allow you to use the “N” word like those with more Black blood in them? Does it make you Black? Can he say he is Black? Should he be afforded the same quota system for college (affirmative action) or hiring or that matter firing? If not, how much more does he need ? Maybe we should all wear a laminated DNA results card on a lanyard around our neck for proper inclusion in the collective. Heck why not just include it on our identity chips that are being planted in people.

I have to admit, I am a bit bewildered with the whole idea. However, it is happening all around us. As technology races ahead of our ability to keep up with it, we will be seeing scenarios that a few years ago would never have even been considered. This post sure would not have been possible 8 or so years ago. I am waiting for a Hybrid Clone of some sort to make the news any day now. No, really. It is not that far off.

There is new case law in England now because a petri dish baby had 3 parents ! Thats right – 3 biological parents ! ON PURPOSE !

My take away from all of this is that All Lives Matter. Cut me – I bleed – shoot me I die – Love me – I flourish. It is not the color of our skin or the region of our DNA origin. It is not how we talk but what we say. It is not what we think but what we do. All men should be judged on the content of their character and not the breakdown of their DNA!