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Marco has helped build the Republican Progressive Establishment class from the inside out in Florida through his shadowy use of leadership funds. Now he wants to continue the use of General Warrants so the Federal Government can spy on you.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is supposed to allow us protection from the government ransacking our personal goods and information. We told Merry Ole England, no more General warrants boys. If you want to see my stuff, get a judge to OK it with my name on a warrant.

George W. Bush, another Progressive cut from the same cloth as Marco, crafted a way to do that, sort of. He created a court system that is multiple stories down in the basement of a Federal building and it exists for no other reason than to act as a general warrant mill for the Federal Government. And all the while we are told that “general warrants” are not general warrants.

collect-citizen-data-1On the question of whether surveillance of every American’s phone calling is constitutional, the government and its defenders will rely on a 1979 case called Smith v. Maryland. In that case, the government caused a telephone company to install a pen register at its central offices to record the numbers dialed from the home of a suspected robber.

Applying doctrine that emerged from Katz v. United States (1967), the Court found that a person doesn’t have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in phone calling information, so no search occurs when the government collects and examines this information.

It takes willfulness of a different kind to rely on Smith as validation the NSA’s collection of highly revealing data about all of us. Smith dealt with one suspect, about whom there was already good evidence of criminality, if not a warrant.
The NSA program collects call information about 300+ million innocent Americans under a court order (General Warrant). And the Supreme Court is moving away from Katz doctrine, having avoided relying on it in recent major Fourth Amendment cases such as Jardines (2013), Jones (2012), and Kyllo in 2001.

Let us not forget the archiving and analysis of financial and electronic communications on every American as well. The NSA is establishing personal dossiers on every single American, and Marco supports this steroid driven KGB style tactic for the sake of your safety.

In the minds of rational clear thinking free American people, the NSA spying program is simply a shredding of the Fourth Amendment and promotes the construction of the foundation of a government police state.

Marco Rubio has joined forces with Sen. Tom Cotton in an attempt to save the National Security Agency’s controversial phone metadata collection program that was set to expire at the end of the month. (Nov – 2015)

‘The Paris terrorist attacks remind us that no corner of the free world is safe from these savages, and it is our duty to defeat them by any means necessary,’ Rubio said in a statement. (Never let a good crisis go to waste)

I found his quote interesting. It speaks boldly about the thinking of our Junior Senator. It says that we cannot protect ourselves unless we violate the Constitution. It says, America is weak and cannot follow her own rules because a group of 14th century vagabonds with guns and bombs are throwing a temper tantrum.

The young first term Senator is implying that America must violate the civil liberties of her own people to protect them. “HOGWASH! “

gang of 8This stance is yet another alliance with the Progressive Socialist Left in American politics by young Mr. Rubio. First it was the “Gang of 8” now the Big Brother Government Spy Complex.

No one will argue we want to be safe. Duh, it is the first order of business for the Government. However, it must be done in a context of Constitutional frame work. Not some semantic self-justification of feel good emotional reasoning.

Remember, Marco is Jeb Bush’s protégé. He learned from one of the grand masters how to be a closet Progressive. Our young Senators ability to blend like a political chameleon is superior to most. He uses his boyish charms and immigrant past to slide his bow across the heart strings of American voters while all the while collaborating with the Socialist Progressives in DC on ways to strengthen their grip on America and her freedoms.

Reader, you have been warned, again. Marco is a well sculpted and crafted persona. Most see his quick news clips and salty retorts on the Sunday shows and fall for his facade. What lies beneath the suit though is another matter entirely. Did we not learn our lesson last time when we elected a Junior Senator as President?

~ Eric D. Miller – 2015