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It has been openly stated by some within the political establishment that “those of us that don’t get on the bandwagon with the Presidential nominee will be viewing their party from the outside”. How nice. How inclusive and unifying of them.

The insolence of their statement is inharmonious in and of itself, and the context is meant to “whip” party members into line for fear of no longer being relevant in what is a rigged and decaying political system. It is almost as good as saying “If you don’t vote for [fill in the blank] then you are giving your vote to [fill in the blank]”. We can talk about the latter statement in length at a point forward.

The proposition of “being left out” is threefold. First, it says to those that are actively involved in the financially self-enriching machinations of the party that if you step out of line your enrichments will dwindle away to nothing. Then to those that have a title within the party apparatus, they either get on board or they should sit down and shut up. If not, you will be marginalized and kicked to the bench and ignored. This is the establishment’s way of creating unity, from the sharp end of a threat.

It also serves as a threat that leaving the party apparatus on principle will leave you an outcast.

After which there is the rhetorical justification of the statement that simply means you’re either part of the “team” or you are not. While it may sound less egregious, it is no less vindictive in its intent. The statement is made to force a disingenuous capitulation and to create the “illusion” of party unity.

This is very disingenuous especially when the next sentence from the establishment’s mouth is that “we need unity to defeat [fill in the blank]”.

capitulateHowever, in the real world, unity is not possible without reconciliation. Reconciliation should be followed by justice. And reconciliation is not even close to possible at this point let a lone justice. The establishment wants capitulation, not unity. And this has left two of the political party structures ripping apart from the inside out.

If the candidates, ideals, principles and ultimately the governance of our Nation are reflected in a party and their leadership, even their platforms, then why are things so screwed up in America and in the world if each of you is so darn great?

Wait, do you hear it? Here it comes…..”Because the [fill in the blank party] is obstructive and doesn’t care about [fill in the blank]”. In other words, it is the other guys fault. Not ours for not trying hard enough. Nope, it is their fault. There you go. Problem solved. Meanwhile the American people continue to pay for the [fill in the blank] partys hubris.

No, what you are seeing is the marginalization and ultimately discarding of real and traditional American political values, ideals and American principles in exchange for “Twentieth Century Progressive” principles and values.

The [fill in the blank] party has no interest in operating in the restrains of constitutionally principled governance and the rule of law. Alas, the political system is consuming itself from the inside out.

Getting back to the proclamation “you will be seeing things from the outside”. I am alright with that because in order to see honestly and honorably within, at times we need to look from without to gain a more honest perspective of ourselves.

So while establishment elites espouse their mantra of “our side is good – their side is bad”, what do you say that you and I take an objective look first inward before we attempt to dishonor the other. If we don’t, we will continue to be useful pawns in the final transformation of America. There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

If the establishment thinks that being on the “outside” means that we no longer will have the privilege of seeing what a messed up operation the [fill in the blank] party is, they should guess again.

You see, most everyone is already on the outside looking in, and it is not like a kid peering in a candy store window. Oh no, most see the Kabuki act and actors for what they are. And the curtain is about to fall on the end of their drama.

There is a life lesson in all of this and it is that perception is reality. When your actions don’t back up your promises and words, the perception becomes crystal clear. But you go ahead and keep pretending that you are the only solution in this affair [fill in the blank] party. You are not. And the more you discard your principles the clearer the picture becomes. At least it sure looks that way from out here.

It may strike the establishment peculiar that most Americans, and the world, judge our political process not by the words but by the content of our actions, which are really a reflection of our character.

We are seen and known as the [fill in the blank party] by our elected leaders actions, votes, promises and failures to fulfill their elected and party agendas. The [fill in the blank] party is defined by the inaction taken as well as the scandal, and cronyism practiced. America works when our people adhere to natural law, a higher power and principled nature, something that is solely lacking from the political culture.

The major party structures have become something other than ideological camps of political platform and ideas on policy and governance. They have become halls of gangs poised for their quadrennial donnybrook with the other side. Then they will go into a brief hibernation afterwards only to emerge once again foraging on the political landscape for graft, power and favors with no intention of principled governance. Until it is time to do it again. Unfortunately, while they fill their coffers and live la vita loco, we as a nation and people are suffering from their miscreant and unprincipled behavior.

The party structure is broken. It has been manipulated into a man power machine to get the loyalists elected so the system and those in it can continue to enrich themselves. Remember though. There is more than the [fill in the blank] party structure to choose from. Do your homework America.

∴ There are more of us than there are of them !

e pluribus unum

~ Eric D. Miller 2016