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Has it happened before?

So why is it you say it can’t happen here?

Are you prepared for what can happen?

Are you prepared of Mind?

Are you prepared of Body?

Are you prepared of Spirit?

Who is protecting you?

Who is telling you everything is going to be ok?

Do you trust them?

Do you trust yourself more?

Do you take charge of yourself?

Do you prepare yourself for the world around you?

Do you prepare for what it can become?

Do you have a relationship with God?

Do you reflect on the past with a self-honest lens?

Do you see the world changing in ways you never thought you would see?

Is it time to care a little bit more about the things that have yet to happen but can?

Is it time to take back the narrative?

Is it time to control the direction?

Is it time to change the tape that plays endless loops of day after day after day ?

Is it time to embrace light?

Is it time to embrace humility?

Is it time to embrace love?

Is it time to embrace self with honesty?

Is it time?

~ Eric D. Miller – 2020