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When we apply perspective to the political landscape we have shown that it is the vocal radicals of each Major party, the R & D –  that are at war, not the majority of Independent Americans. We are American’s not R or D. – Try and listen though for a voice in the crowd that will say otherwise. So, in an effort to assist in regaining the voice of the majority, I am offering the following:

Let the corrupt crony bully faction of each party keep their creations. They are too far gone for reclamation and too small to worry over. Let them continue to war and self-consume on their game plan, while we, the people eject and regroup under new banner.

registration breakdownWe, the majority, not the R or D, must begin again to take back America’s narrative and guard the precious gift of Liberty that has been given to us. Where do we, the newly awakened and the political refugees from either party go? There is no Island for misfits so to speak. We must either hold our nose and stay or go to the other side because ours is screwed up. The other option is to be excluded from the screening process by registering outside the party. All of that has already happened though and is the behavior that has gotten us here in the first place.

So, again we are left with the question, where do I send someone that has finally had the lights go on because their freedom is being pruned. Here are two things that can happen. First, the ranks of the registered party voter will continue to dwindle. Of that I have no doubt. It is by design; fewer people are easier to control than a large group. The Democratic Party is experiencing a consolidation right now for the same reason. The Republicans have already reduced their base, by design. The ranks of the registered and never voting will continue to grow as well through inflicted apathy. It is human nature.

The second possible outcome is for constitutionally aware & enlightened people to regroup under new banner. The exodus from the two party apparatus is not insignificant. Nor are the numbers of registered voters that never vote. Lest we forget be reminded that there are more no party affiliated voters in America than there are in either party. They are not members of the party for a reason. So, as the major party shrink, the disorganized indi majority will grow in a disorganized energy while the outcome of the two party continue to perpetrate chaos. Or, we can rally under new banner. Be it in one or two party. There is structure available and ready for use. We need not reinvent the process, we need to reemerge and reclaim it.

In conflict resolution the successful outcome for both parties occurs with greater frequency when those involved choose to focus on their commonality and not their differences.

When each put aside their difference for a period to focus on common matters of agreeance the dialogue on the matters that do not have common ground become easier to discuss and find outcome towards. That is to say, let us first identify our common threat to our freedom and work towards resolution of the same. Then, after we take back what has been stolen in freedom by tyrant, as a people then we can return to the dialogue that now is divisive in a manner worthy of mankind.

As the ranks of the Independent voter grow from exodus let us create a place for other good people to come. It will happen, the question is, where will you be when it does?

So, when the #WalkAway Dem and an Independent of the day can put aside the mainstream narrative and build discussion from common principle we begin to heal. When a libertine and a constitutionalist can work idea from common principle then we heal. But it is bigger than this idea of just being good.

As long as we continue to allow our voice, our mind and our actions to be fueled by vitriol and mass global hyper communication on matters of importance to humankind then we will continue to feed the beast that is called collectivism.

If you are certain of your foundational principles on life and the governance thereof, then how does taking an offensive attack bring resolution? If it is your goal to achieve eradication of the “other side” then I can see your anticipated outcome. But really, eradicate? Why act in a way that supports the behavior used when at war. Are we really at war with idea or have radical thinkers placed radical ideas at either end to create and inflame a divide that we are all playing into at a certain level. They think there is nowhere else for us to go.

I will even go one place beyond that and say this; What if it is not someone or a group that has placed these ideals into daily culture, rather it is the outcome of behavior that we as a people have failed to exercise with our charged responsibility as keepers of liberty and freedom, our own. It begins and ends with us. We then must be the one to pick the torch back up and carry it individually until there is enough light to coalesce.

Civil War is being heralded as a potential outcome. A Constitutional Convention is being proclaimed. Anarchy is being advocated. To me though, these are all last resort means and will occur when good men fail to do good things.

What good does it do for anyone to spend energy attacking someone’s ideas and belief that do not concur with yours?  Point counter point is fatiguing and immature. We must return the dialogue of the people to a higher level of discourse. Start from a place of common ground is a refrain heard by those trying to bring people together. Start on common ground. Remember, We the People, are greater in number than the radical voice of the Left and Right, the R & D. They are the minority. Ignore their childish way and let us begin to regroup in adult ways and deal with the mess left us. Behavior my friends, behavior.

What do we have in common? Feel free to add to the list.

  1. We, Americans, have a runaway fiscal debt crisis that has enslaved our nation and both Party perpetuate it.
  2. We, Americans, have a regulatory system that has caused an abdication of duty by Congress and a smothering effect on freedom and markets and neither Party has worked to reverse the effect.
  3. We, Americans, have been & are being surveilled by the State and neither Party is protecting us.
  4. We, Americans, are being taught to believe that morality and virtue are bigoted and neither Party teaches differently.
  5. We, Americans, have abdicated our role in our governance from the many to the corrupt few and both Party work harder to protect it and prevent you from seeing.

In closing please do not say it can never happen or we can’t, because I have seen what we can and have done as a people and as a Nation. We have done some pretty ugly things too, but because we are at core good people, because we have a common foundation of principle to rely on, we achieve great things. For that reason alone I say that especially if the odds are seemingly insurmountable then that is reason enough why we can achieve this.

E – Pluribus Unum

May God please bless America.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2018